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How we do it

Use of appropriate materials, Energy efficiency, Environmental impact, Social and economic impact, Whole of Life cycle analysis, Advice on the measures needed to adapt existing infrastructure to be resilient to climate change.

Climate Adaption Engineering and Design

Changing climate conditions may impact on the integrity of the design and on the operation and management of the built environment.

What we do

Engineering, Environmental Services, Strategy and Planning, Development, Emergency Management.

Climate Change is now part of everyone’s day to day existence.

We design and build to anticipate the impact of changing conditions within the social, economic and physical environment. 

Our work anticipates the risks that changing conditions pose to ensure public health and safety.

In the new normal under climate change design and engineering needs to plan for the short and long term impacts and risks including the impact on the economy, the community and the local authority of what is being planned.

We design and build infrastructure that is adapted to the changing conditions and therefore preserves the resilience of assets, reflects social, economic and environmental sustainability and will therefore be cheaper to run, last longer, be kinder to the environment and be good to look at.

What we do:

We develop new infrastructure projects and keep existing facilities working effectively.

Our work includes water, transport, public facilities and landscape.

In addition to core work in civil and structural engineering the MWA team has the expertise to deliver a broad range of professional services in:


  • Civil and Structural engineering – Bespoke design to provide efficient and economical projects that work for the client.   The tools we have available include modern and specialized software and hardware, and our philosophy of using one man to design and manage a project means that communication errors are minimized.
  • Contract management and administration – professional overview and management of the construction process to ensure that the work is completed on time, on budget and fit for the intended purpose with regard to fairness to all of the contracting parties.
  • Project Management and Financial management – high level project management and financial control to ensure that the work is completed efficiently and within scope and budget, optimization of time-related costs and returns.
  • Fire engineering – reporting on requirements for life-and property protection measures that need to be incorporated in design for compliance.
  • Environmental engineering – integrated consideration of design needs including stormwater reticulation and treatment, wastewater management and water conservation and storage including small- and large-scale water supplies.

Emergency Management

15 years’ experience in advising, planning and managing civil defence emergencies including community resilience, reducing risk, response management and recovery planning.

Environmental Services

  • Environmental design
  • Landscape planning
  • Planning – RMA
  • Site environmental rehabilitation and climate change land resilience

Strategy and Planning

  • Project development – an integrated approach to project development to ensure that the project comes together as a whole.
  • Stakeholder engagement and management – we work with you and your people to ensure that you are kept informed at all times and that your needs are properly met.
  • Strategic planning – we work with you to ensure that your place in the marketplace is preserved and optimised.
  • Business sustainability


  • Project management
  • Contract management 
  • Environmental design

Our approach is responsive, flexible and affordable. We work with clients to develop a clear project understanding then cluster a team of professionals to deliver our clients requirements. We provide outcomes on time and on budget and pride ourselves on our quality service and skills.

How we do it:

Climate adaption is the result of a number of considerations – each project has a unique set of requirements and factors that will affect design.  Some of those factors are:

  • Use of appropriate materials 
  • Energy efficiency
  • Environmental impact
  • Social and economic impact
  • Whole of Life cycle analysis
  • Advice on the measures needed to adapt existing infrastructure to be resilient to climate change

Outcomes can be given either by way of reporting, or by incorporation directly into the design process, depending on the Client’s requirements.

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